Thursday, July 5, 2012

Here is something that fell out of my head while I was supposed to be working...

I am 
By Jeff Lee

I am the darkness between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind
I am the madness at the end of genius
I am the three feet of water you could drown in
I am the fury just outside the eye of the storm
I am the last thing to eat in your pantry
I am the anti-hero unwilling to save your city
I am the long creak you hear before bed
I am the settling of your house after midnight
I am the movement racing out of your field of vision
I am the reason you cry as funerals
I am the fire licking at your heels
I am the blind eye you turn
I am the heart string plucked
I am the eroded landscape after a flood
I am the sadness that settles around your soul
I am the breaker of worlds
I am the shining light before you get hit
I am the cloud behind your silver lining
I am the void you gaze too deeply into
I am the anger reaped from battles sown
I am the frost that steals away your crops
I am the one person better suited for your dream job
I am the injustice in society
I am the malice laced truth of your lover’s words
I am everything you were told you could never be
I am at the end of letting loose
I am what you buried the backyard
I am the lacking of common sense
I am you in another universe
I am you with a evil goatee
I am the last words you speak before you die
I am freedom, so why don‘t you join me
I am waiting…

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A review for War Zone

It has been said that love is a battle field, and if that is true then War Zone by Jesse Grillo is a better love story than Twilight. For the love this graphic, pulsating, comic bled from my bones is decently worth fighting for.

Is there a code of honor amongst thieves, is there glory at the end of a hitch, and is there only violence in the wind as all the fires of addiction burn low? These are just some of the questions I asked myself while reading War Zone. A story taken from the blood soaked, shell shocked, and ash covered pages of a dissertation on PTSD, War Zone relays a dark fueled tale of drugs, violence, and ethereal vengeance.

Written by Jesse Grillo, with art by David Brame, this comic sticks you in the aftermath of battles which have been won only to give further understanding to the ongoing war some solders carry back home. The art burns the pages with life vibrant and raw which shreds understanding to leave only wonder behind. The story in and of itself not only gives light to the skeletons in the closet but makes them dance as bullets fly. Both pieces stand tall with hard bold lines and strong words etched across each page.

 Look not to the horizon for salvation for it may only hold the next combatant, is just what this comic brings forth from its pages. As the story merges with the art you get the sense that a world won by war can only give you an addiction to peace. That peace of course comes with a price, one that can only be paid in blood.

Take a look at War Zone and I am sure you will find, as I did, that blood fallen on sand leaves an open wound everywhere else.

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