Thursday, July 5, 2012

Here is something that fell out of my head while I was supposed to be working...

I am 
By Jeff Lee

I am the darkness between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind
I am the madness at the end of genius
I am the three feet of water you could drown in
I am the fury just outside the eye of the storm
I am the last thing to eat in your pantry
I am the anti-hero unwilling to save your city
I am the long creak you hear before bed
I am the settling of your house after midnight
I am the movement racing out of your field of vision
I am the reason you cry as funerals
I am the fire licking at your heels
I am the blind eye you turn
I am the heart string plucked
I am the eroded landscape after a flood
I am the sadness that settles around your soul
I am the breaker of worlds
I am the shining light before you get hit
I am the cloud behind your silver lining
I am the void you gaze too deeply into
I am the anger reaped from battles sown
I am the frost that steals away your crops
I am the one person better suited for your dream job
I am the injustice in society
I am the malice laced truth of your lover’s words
I am everything you were told you could never be
I am at the end of letting loose
I am what you buried the backyard
I am the lacking of common sense
I am you in another universe
I am you with a evil goatee
I am the last words you speak before you die
I am freedom, so why don‘t you join me
I am waiting…