Wednesday, March 27, 2013


By:Jeff Lee

In all the worlds of which I dream
I drift alone along an endless sea
I watch the images run from rivers to steams
Blood white snow capped peaks with winds that scream
Dark cold holes that crawl slither and clack
Hot red burning flames that lick stones to make them crack
All the while through the chaos storms made madness seem mild
A lone figure dances like smoke in the air wafting female wilds
Her hair like summer spun silk golden brown red like blood
 Her form the clock from which all time frozen still stood
Her lips deep red on the white toiled foam crested crashed by a wave
Her smile when given shone to sinners as they might yet be saved
Her scent mixed coffee and blood and darkness with pine
I her taste came next filling mouth stomach then mind
But it was not her beauty or her sex which broke back my wolfing rage
Twas her eyes dark circles black on white moons shining upon my grave
I howled to those moons with guttural lonely sounds echoed across history
A growl roared forth breaking free secrets hidden tales in my history
As the dream took less form neither darker nor diluted
She danced between muddied images each footfall clear clean and fluid
I felt muscles growing tearing free flesh from my bones
Her movements breaking the birthing a monster of old dusty tomes
Her hand out stretched pale fingers curled lustful come noting hither
I felt need crawl up my spine a snake awoken now uncoiled as to slither
I could no longer control my lust, my need, my desire, nor my soul
I leap arms with clawed hands barking tearing to grab at her whole
I tore at her with force like famers whose days begin with the reaping or soil
But she splintered, then cracked, then misted, then shredded like thin foil
I looked to my hands searched for some piece of smile, her skin, or her stare  
 But nothing remains but the pain and the sadness and the loss of her there
Hot blurring tears run heavy through trailing lines dusty beds bone dry for years
Failing frail feeble featured shaking shoulders double over with fears
Again she was there but again she has passed
These dreams of sick madness forever they last
Then on my cheek a cold touch stokes tear drowned fire from my hearth
“Soon, my dear love, soon my love you’ll wake home again in my heart.”