Friday, May 9, 2014

Shut Up Because I Love You

She was different in how she moved 
She was normal in the world she viewed 
She was loved in each type of sound her laughter made
She was hatted in the beauty of the love that she gave

She was science in the efficiency of her every process 
She was magic in the total of her video game loses 
She was stone in the foundation of what she was believing
She was clay in the knowledge of her inherited teachings

She was victorious in every single argument she ever had 
She was defeatist in every note she sung, they were just that bad
She was joyous at the very start of each day
Shea was morose in the times I spent away

She was broken in the turbulent soundings of continuous thunder 
She was solid in the acceptance and fixings of my blunders
She was anger in the running of mouths fueled by ignorance 
She was laughter in the resolution of my rabbling nonsense 

She was light so that I would always see my tunnels end 
She was darkness so that my monsters could have a friend 
She was ending to the long lived fancy dreams of my youth 
She was the beginning to the man I learned to be at rebirth 

She was birth to the end that I eventually needed to learn 
She was death to the fool hardy dreams for which I so long had yearned 
She was my hate in all the time as my sadness sat growing

She will always be my love and my reason for which I keep going