Monday, January 25, 2016

A Process

The everything sits in front of me 
It lingers right before me 
It sings and dance around me 
And I just want it to be gone

Something more than trapped
Something more than held 
Something less than hurt
Something less than loved
And as I end it will never be gone

So many battles to break me 
So many deaths to revive me 
So little time to save me
So little hope to give me up 
And it wants me, and I am already gone

No more pain and I give me freedom
No more horror to make me smile 
No more fire to make me cold
No more loss to fill me up 
And what I want never has existed 

Now I am unlearning of the known
Now I am free to be scared 
Now I am proud of my folly 
Now I am happy in my home 
And all I want is already here 
And all that I am is all that I am