Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Deadman's Wish

How soft the river bed is 
gently lapping upon my feet. 
Time is lost as I look downstream
eyes open unblinking
How many days?
How many hours?
Has it only been a moment? 
Am I too lost in beauty to know 
the length of time I have laid here.  
Nothing moves here but nature 
wind through the leaves
water racing beside each bank
light into shadow and back again it turns.
My body needs no more
stimulus to drive it from its seat
It is good to rest old bones
it is peaceful to settle old flesh. 
So nice are these times
no hunting to madden my heart 
no screaming to fury my soul 
no sorrowful laments silent in my mind.
Gods please make this steady
make this constant a river flows.
Let my dead stay dead
let my soul be at rest. 
Cover me with silt to nourish the ground
for generations that still have yet been born.
Make me a stream 
rushing willingly to my end.
I am tired 
I am hungry 
most of all I am willing to find
my peace after death.
I would cry if I could. 
Weep to show my intent 
But my eyes are dry as is my flesh 
all but my feet.
As I sit without time beside my river 
rushing for the ocean 
to take it home.
What pieces of me become part of it 
I hope will be happy knowing 
I wish for all of me to be home as well.